Lubricating oil can not only protect the diesel generator set, but also reduce the friction of the diesel generator set. However, because the lubricating oil of diesel generator set is a kind of petrochemical products with the largest variety and wide application range, some of us will question whether the lubricating oil of diesel generator set can be mixed, since there are so many brands and varieties. Can lubricating oil of diesel generator set be substituted? Wait. Today, Jiangsu Hengyun Power  will answer these questions with you. Different kinds of lubricating oils have their own particularity or difference in service performance. Therefore, it is necessary to use lubricating oil correctly and reasonably, avoid substitution, and do not allow more substitution.

1. The generator manufacturer suggests that different types and brands, different generator sales agents and new and old oils should be avoided as far as possible.

The following oils should never be mixed:

(1) Military special oil and special oil cannot be mixed with other oil products.

(2) Oil products with anti-emulsification performance requirements shall not be mixed with oil products without anti-emulsification requirements.

(3) Anti-ammonia turbine oil shall not be mixed with other turbine oil.

(4) Zn-containing anti-wear hydraulic oil cannot be mixed with silver-resistant hydraulic oil.

(5) Gear oil cannot be mixed with worm gear oil.

2. The following situations can be mixed:

(1) products of the same manufacturer with similar quality.

(2) Products of the same manufacturer and different brands.

(3) For different kinds of oil products, if it is known that the two mixed components do not contain additives.

(4) Different kinds of oil products have no abnormal phenomena and obvious performance changes after mixed test.

3. There are many kinds and quantities of additives added to internal combustion engine oil, and their performances are different; The mixing of oil products that do not know the performance must be careful. So as to avoid adverse consequences and even lubrication accidents of power generation equipment.

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