China’s largest provider of modern industrial parks, procurement Baudouin power generation

GLP is the largest provider and service provider of modern industrial parks in China, leading the market in China, the United States, Japan, Brazil, Europe and India, with assets under management of us $64 billion and a property portfolio of more than 73 million square meters.

Baudouin Series Gen-sets

Technical characteristics


The overhaul period is long as 32000h

Dynamic nature

The engine dynamic performance meets the matching requirements of G3class units,and the load can be increased by 50%.

Economical efficiency

The lowest fuel consumption can be up to 195/kWh


The SAE standard interface is convenient for connection.

Adopt single cylinder head, body side observation window, convenient maintenance.

Working condition adaptability

Adopt three stage fuel filter, standard water removing and safe filter,strong adaptability of oil.

Low temperature starting ability, -25C without auxiliary heating can be activated directly.

Special desert filter can be selected, the efficiency of coarse filtration is as high as 93%, and the adaptability of sand dust is strong.

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