Slip ring carbon brush mainly has the following functions:

(1) transfer the impressed current, i.e. excitation current, to the rotor by using the carbon brush function of the engine.

(2) The static charge existing on the large shaft can be introduced into the earth through the engine carbon brush;

(3) changing the current direction

Daily maintenance of engine slip ring carbon brush;

1. Check the carbon brush to see if it is jammed. There should be a gap of about 0.15mm between the brush and the brush frame, which can be tested by whether the brush holder can move freely.

2. Check the brush defense to see if there are any problems such as drag defense, wire oxidation degree, broken wire, overheating, etc. If fever is found in the inspection, new wires should be replaced.

3. Check the copper braid, carbon brush, excitation circuit, etc., to see if there are any problems such as loose screws, firm contact, brush cord connection, etc.

4. Check the edge of the carbon brush. If it is broken for no reason, and the height of the remaining carbon brush is less than 21.4mm, it needs to be replaced.

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