In recent years, more and more enterprises have used diesel generator sets for important emergency power supply. The quality of diesel generators in the market is different, and even some businesses are replacing the old ones with the new ones. Xiaobian believes that many enterprises will encounter a series of problems when purchasing generator sets. Today Jiangsu Hengyun Power will talk to you about how to identify the difference between new diesel generators and second-hand renovations when purchasing high-power diesel generators.

Ⅰ.we should know the components of diesel generator set, including diesel engine, generator, control system and accessories, among which diesel engine and generator are the most important parts. As long as we do a good job of distinguishing these two aspects, we will not be blinded basically. I. Diesel engine Diesel engine is equivalent to the power part of diesel generator and is the most important part. If you are unfortunate enough to buy a bad diesel generator, the losses will be serious. Generally, diesel engines are regularly checked. When purchasing a generator set, it must have a nameplate, which is equivalent to the ID card of the generator, while a generator without a nameplate is equivalent to a black household. And you can check with the manufacturer according to the nameplate and check the nameplate of the machine. The number of the nameplate of the machine can be consulted with the manufacturer.

Ⅱ.the paint on the machine Some parts of the original diesel generator are different from the color of the generator, while the refurbished machine is painted, so the colors of the units are all the same. Therefore, attention should be paid when seeing the units with the same colors from any angle. Generally, it is difficult for refurbished machines to have the same finish as the original ones.

III. Generator The function of generator is to convert the power of diesel engine into electric energy, which is directly related to the quality and stability of output power. As long as the generator part can tell by itself that the stator coil of the generator is made of all copper wires, the service life of the core wire of copper-clad aluminum is much lower than that of all copper wires. All copper wires were originally used for stator coils, but with the improvement of wire making technology, copper-clad aluminum core wires appeared. Different from copper-clad aluminum wire, copper-clad aluminum core wire is made of copper-clad aluminum when drawing with special mold, and the copper layer is much thicker than copper plating. There is not much difference in performance of generator stator coil with copper-clad aluminum core wire, but its service life is much shorter than that of all copper wire stator coil.

IV. Accessories and Control System For other accessory control systems, you can know whether they are second-hand and new ones by opening them and looking inside. Needless to say, you also know that the appearance and inside of the new machine must be consistent. Touch the smoke exhaust pipe by hand to see if there are many black substances in the smoke exhaust pipe, and most of them are refurbished machines. Look at the instrument when starting the diesel generator: when the refurbished generator is started, the temperature of the water tank rises slowly, while the new unit rises quickly.

When purchasing diesel generator sets, the above-mentioned situations will basically be avoided.

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