When using diesel generator set, the maintenance of air filter is essential, and its cleaning methods mainly include the following three types:

1. When installing the air filter on the diesel engine, it is necessary to pay attention to the leakage, reverse installation and wrong installation of each sealing gasket and rubber connecting pipe, and to ensure the tightness of each link.

2. Diesel engines using paper dust cup air filters should pay attention. One air filter should be washed once within 100 hours of use. Soft brushes and other instruments can be used to gently brush off the dust on the surface of the air filter. In this process, care must be taken not to damage it with excessive force. If it is used for more than 500 hours or damaged, replace new parts in time.

3. In addition, diesel engines using oil bath air filters should pay attention to taking them off for cleaning when they are used for less than 200 hours. After cleaning, pay attention to replacing the lubricating oil on them in time to keep the equipment in working condition. If the filter element of the air filter is damaged, it is necessary to replace the new filter element in time, and add lubricating oil to the equipment on time to keep the equipment running well.

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