Cylinder cushion is located between cylinder head and cylinder block, also called cylinder bed. Its function is to fill the microscopic pores between the cylinder block and the cylinder head, and ensure good sealing at the joint surface, thus ensuring the sealing of the combustion chamber and preventing air leakage of the cylinder and water jacket.

Water entering the oil pan is most likely caused by cylinder gasket damage. The cylinder head and diesel engine block are sealed by cylinder gasket, and the water channel of the cylinder block has corresponding sealing ring on the cylinder gasket to ensure that the coolant does not leak. If the flatness error of the cylinder head or cylinder block plane of diesel engine exceeds the allowable range, the cylinder gasket will be tightly sealed, and the coolant may leak into the oil pan. In addition, if the cylinder head bolts of diesel engine are not tightened according to regulations or the surface is not cleaned during cleaning, resulting in the cylinder pad not being pressed tightly, the coolant will also leak at this time. It is difficult to accurately judge whether the cylinder gasket is damaged, and this inspection can only be carried out after the faults of cylinder liner and oil radiator are discharged.

In addition, remind everyone that the harm caused by water inflow is not easy to show immediately, so it is easy to be neglected. Therefore, during normal operation, everyone should pay more attention to the state of cylinder gasket. In addition, the problem of water inflow may also be related to the perforation of dismounting sleeve, the damage of oil radiator, the damage of cylinder head and other reasons.

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