During the operation of diesel generator, if it is found that there is coolant in the oil pan and oil in the radiator, this fault is usually caused by the damage of the inner core of the water-cooled oil cooler.

Influence of oil cooler failure

01 damage to the engine oil cooler will cause oil and water to cross each other, antifreeze will enter the engine, and the engine will emit white smoke, which will affect the normal operation.

02 When the temperature of engine oil rises, the viscosity will seriously decrease and the lubricating effect will be lost, and at the same time, the engine oil will undergo oxidation deterioration.

03 oil leakage makes the engine short of oil and wears the accessories. 、

Specific maintenance methods are as follows:

1. Remove the oil cooler after draining the waste oil inside the cooler. Level the removed cooler, and fill the cooler with water through the oil outlet of the oil cooler. During the experiment, the oil inlet was blocked, and the cooler was pumped with a high-pressure air cylinder. If water emerges from the oil inlet and outlet of the oil cooler, it means that the inner core of the cooler or the sealing ring of the end cover is damaged.

2. Remove the front and rear covers of the oil cooler and take out the core. If the outer layer of the core is found to be damaged, it can be repaired by brazing. If the inner layer of the core is found to be damaged, it is generally necessary to replace the core with a new one or block both ends of the same core. When the end cover is cracked or broken, it can be welded with cast iron welding rod before use. If the sealing gasket is damaged or aged, it should be replaced.

Jiangsu Hengyun Power reminds you that if the oil cooler is damaged, it should be replaced in time, so as not to affect the normal work.

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