Weichai Diesel Generator

Weichai holding Group has 2 listed companies and 2 joint-venture companies.As the most powerful engine producer in China ,it has launched long-term strategic cooperation with world famous companies and with technology leading the industry.Weichai builds its Industrial Park covering 220 hectares.Phase 1 was spent 150 Million USD and annually produces 300,000 engines.Phase 2was spent 140 Million USD and annually produces 150,000-ton castings.All facilities are imported from the world famous company such as Heller of Germany, ATLAS_ABB of Switzerland and TOYOTA OF JAPAN.

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Weichai is one of the earliest enterprises to develop and produce generating sets in China, and has a production history of more than 70 years. Weichai power generation equipment co., ltd. is a national designated manufacturer of small and medium-sized generating units, and is the vice chairman unit of the internal combustion power generation equipment branch of China electrical equipment industry association. The company’s technology, strict management system and sound service network continue to provide users with a full range of safe, efficient and complete power solutions!
The power range of weichai generator set is 10 ~ 8700kW, which is equipped with the engine independently developed and produced by weichai group, and the generator and controller of well-known brands.

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Rated power Standby power
HY-W25GF 25 30 D226B-3D 1800*740*1255 820
HY-W30GF 30 35 TD226B-3D 1800*740*125 920
HY-W50GF 50 60 WP4D66E200 2000*800*1672 1050
HY-W75GF 75 90 WP4D100E200 2200*900*1800 1540
HY-W90GF / 90 WP4D108E200 2200*900*1800 1540
HY-W100GF 100 120 WP6D132E200 2200*900*1801 1640
HY-W120GF 120 130 WP6D152E200 2350*900*1800 1690
HY-W150GF 150 170 WP10D200E200 2600*1200*1530 2400
HY-W180GF 180 200 WP10D238E200 2600*1200*1530 2400
HY-W200GF 200 220 WP10D264E200 2600*1200*1530 2400
HY-W250GF 250 280 WP12D317E200 2600*1200*1550 2500
HY-W300GF /  300 WP10D320E200 2600*1200*1550 2600
HY-W300GF 300 / WP12D315E10 2600*1200*1550 2700
HY-W300GF 300   330 WP13D385E200 2600*1200*1550 2800
HY-W320GF 320 350 WP13D385E200 2600*1200*1550 2500
HY-W360GF 360 400 6M26D447E200 2900*1250*1260 3000
HY-W400GF 400 440 6M26D484E200 2900*1250*1560 3300
HY-W500GF 500 550 6M33D572E200 3600*1600*2000 5200
HY-W500GF 500 550 6M33D605E200 3600*1600*2000 5200
HY-W700GF 700 750 12M26D792E200 3850*1600*2250 6500
HY-W728GF 728 800 12M26D902E200 4400*1800*2600 8500
HY-W800GF 800 880 12M26D968E200 4400*1800*2600 8500
HY-W900GF 900 1000 12M33D1108E200 4500*1900*2450 9000
HY-W1000GF 1000 1100 12M33D1210E200 4700*1900*2450 9400
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