Diesel generator is a kind of power equipment often used in daily life, and many construction projects will use the generator as the power source. Many enterprises often rent generators due to budget constraints. Today, Jiangsu Hengyun Power will come to talk with you about the method of replacing turbocharger with diesel generator.

1. clean the engine and replace the filter element. Drain dirty oil, add 70% diesel oil and 30% engine oil into the engine, start the engine to run for 3 ~ 5min to clean the engine and oil duct, and then drain it. Add a proper amount of engine oil, run for 5 ~ 10 min, and then discharge it. Replace the oil filter element and air filter element, and then filter and add clean lubricating oil to the full scale of the oil dipstick, so as to ensure that the engine lubricating oil and oil passage are clean.

2. Check the turbocharger of the generator set. Check whether the new turbocharger model is compatible with the engine. Turn the turbocharger rotor by hand to run freely. If the impeller is sluggish or has the feeling of rubbing the shell, find out the reason before installing it.

3. Check whether there are sundries in the air inlet pipeline of the compressor of the generator set and the exhaust pipeline of the engine before the turbine to prevent sundries from damaging the impeller.

4. Check the oil inlet pipe and oil return pipe of the supercharger of the generator set. The oil inlet and return pipes of supercharger should be clean, and the oil inlet and return pipes should not be twisted or blocked. If sealing gaskets are used at the oil inlet and outlet of supercharger, check whether the gaskets are corroded or deformed, and the gaskets cannot block the oil inlet and outlet.

5. Pre-lubricate the supercharger for the generator set. The supercharger is installed on the engine, and the oil pipe is not connected for the time being. First, add clean engine oil into the supercharger from the oil inlet of the supercharger, and turn the rotor by hand to make the supercharger bearing full of lubricating oil before connecting the oil pipe.

6. Test run of generator set. When starting the diesel engine, the oil pressure must be displayed at the oil inlet of the supercharger within 3 ~ 4 s to prevent the bearing system of the supercharger from being damaged due to lack of lubricating oil. Run for 2min, check whether the rotor rotates smoothly without noise, and then stop to observe whether the rotor can run smoothly by inertia. Under normal circumstances, it stops after about half a minute.

7. When the engine is running under load, the oil pressure must be between 196~392kPa and 392 kPa to be safe, and when idling, the oil pressure should be no less than 70kPa.

8. The exhaust back pressure and air filter pressure drop after the turbine shall not exceed 4.9kPa, and the air filter element shall be protected from moisture, because wet filter element will significantly increase the pressure drop.

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