The choice of installation site of diesel generator set is an important role. Diesel generator sets have certain requirements for installation site. If the installation site does not meet the requirements, it cannot be installed. Even if installed, it will result in various types of diesel generator sets. Failure, reduce the life and reliability of diesel generator set, the following describes the specific requirements of diesel generator set on the installation site.

   1. First, it is essential to choose a dry, cool and ventilated environment. If the environment is humid, some parts of the diesel generator set will rust, and too high or too low ambient temperature is not conducive to the daily normal operation of the diesel generator set.

   2. The installation position of diesel generator set must be well ventilated. The mounting ring must be equipped with enough air inlet and air outlet of diesel generator set. People’s safety will be endangered if vents are not installed or installed unreasonably. The lack of oxygen in diesel generator sets will also lead to performance degradation, because diesel generator sets will consume a large amount of oxygen during operation. If the environment of the installation ring is not ventilated, the oxygen in the environment will be exhausted quickly, which will lead to diesel generator operators. Carbon monoxide poisoning is life-threatening.

  3. The mounting ring of diesel generator set must be kept clean in China. The mounting ring cannot prevent volatile acid, alkali and other types of corrosive gases, and cannot store inflammable and explosive materials. It should also be equipped with corresponding fire extinguishing devices and the best configuration of carbon dioxide fire extinguishers.

  4. If the diesel generator set is installed indoors, a smoke exhaust pipe connected to the outside must be installed. When installing the exhaust pipe, pay attention to the outdoor wind direction to ensure that the exhaust gas generated during the operation of the diesel engine block can be discharged smoothly. A rain cover shall be installed on the nozzle to prevent rainwater from being injected into the pipeline in rainy days.

   5. The installation environment of diesel generator set must have grounding wire, leakage protection device and lightning protection device. These equipments must be installed by professionals. The ground of diesel generator set must be kept straight and not inclined, and the foundation should be firm. It cannot be installed on soft ground.

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