The muffler of diesel generator set is a kind of equipment which can eliminate the noise generated by sound propagation, make gas and air flow pass through, and prevent environmental noise from polluting human beings, animals and plants. Today, Jiangsu Hengyun introduces the structure and types of silencers.

The muffler of diesel generator set is an exhaust venting function composed of multi-sections, different bodies, porous diffusion principle and metal sound absorbing materials. The bearings of the shell and the connecting parts with the shell should have sufficient rigidity and strength, and the structural design should be reasonable, and can bear various additional forces such as exhaust reaction, thermal expansion thrust, torque and vibration force caused by high-speed steam flow with impurities. The muffler body should be able to resist various impacts caused by temperature and pressure alternation. After many quick opening of the washpipe, the muffler should still maintain the integrity of the whole.

There are many kinds of silencers for diesel generator sets, but according to their silencing mechanism, they can be divided into six main types, namely, resistive silencers, reactive silencers, impedance compound silencers, expansion and decompression, orifice jet silencers and so on.

(1) Resistive muffler The resistive muffler converts acoustic energy into heat energy by friction when acoustic waves propagate in porous sound-absorbing materials, so as to achieve the purpose of silencing. The resistive muffler has good middle and high frequency silencing performance.

(2) Resistant muffler This kind of muffler absorbs or blocks the outward propagation of sound energy by using the principles of reflection of sound waves and resonance. It is suitable for eliminating medium and low frequency noise or narrowband noise.

(3) Microperforated plate muffler This kind of muffler is a kind of muffler with both resistance and anti-resonance, which is based on the microporous acoustic structure. This muffler can be impacted by higher airflow speed, and is resistant to high temperature, water and dust.

(4) Composite muffler In order to achieve broadband and high absorption silencing effect, the resistive muffler and the reactive muffler can be combined into a compound muffler. This kind of muffler has not only resistive sound-absorbing materials, but also acoustic filters such as resonators, expansion screens and perforated screens.

(5) Expansion and decompression, orifice jet muffler is designed to reduce the noise of high temperature, high speed and high pressure exhaust jet. From the structural point of view, fan silencers and air compressor silencers are mostly resistive or kang compound silencers, and exhaust jet silencers are mostly throttled and depressurized, expanded and decelerated, or orifice jet silencers.

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