In view of the recent customer demand for silent diesel generator sets, today we will mainly introduce the characteristics of silent diesel generator sets.

  Quiet diesel generator set is elaborately designed by introducing foreign low noise generator and engine

technology. The design concept is advancedand the variety is complete. In addition to the various

functions of a series of diesel generator sets, the product also has the following characteristics: low noise,

compact overall structure and small occupied space; The box body is all of a detachable structure. The

box body is formed by splicing steel plates. The surface of the box body is coated with high-performance

antirust paint and has noise reduction and rainproof functions.The structure design of the box body is   

reasonable, the inside of the box body is provided with a large-capacity oil tank, and the left and right sides

are simultaneously provided with two access doors so as to facilitate the maintenance of the generator; At

the same time, an observation window and a unitemergency shutdown failure button are opened on the

box body, so as to observe the operation of the unit and stop the unit at the fastest speed in case of an

emergency to prevent the unit from being damaged. Diesel generator set with static sound box is widely

used for its low noise. Especially hospitals, hotels, high-end living areas, large shopping malls and other

places with strict environmental noise requirements are indispensable emergency equipment. For high-

power units, due to their large noise, only a large amount of noise reduction can make the noise of the

units meet the current environmental protection requirements. The silent generator set can be placed

indoors or directly outdoors.

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