Perkins generator has small volume ,light weight, reliable performance ,low consumption.
Engine can be coupled with A.C. synchronous brushless alternator( new-style designed by ourselves, with update international technology). It can also be matched with STAMFORD, LEORY SOMER, MARATHON alternator according to customers’ demand.

1. Standard control panel, including voltmeter, fequency meter, ampere meter,water temperature gauge, oil temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, AMF control module, oil level indicator, emergency button, preheating button, battery voltage gauge, hours running counter for protection and tranfering.
2. It can be with ATS electric control cabinet, including circuit breaker, LCD or LED auto controller, indicating lamp, transfer switch, etc.. Automatic transfer switch (ATS) uses update technology, which can be automatic control for on-off electricity, remote monitoring, automatic parallel operation,etc.

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