Some customers think it’s no big deal that the generating tank bubbles during the operation of the diesel generator set, so they are wrong. If Cummins diesel generator set, Volvo diesel generator set, Perkins diesel generator set and other power generation equipment detect bubbling in the water tank, the following aspects need to be checked. Xinghuachang technicians concluded that the bubbles in the diesel engine water tank were generally caused by the high-pressure gas in the cylinder escaping into the cooling water channel. The causes and elimination methods of gas channeling are as follows:

1. Cylinder head plane is uneven or deformed, causing air leakage. The cylinder head should be ground or replaced.

2. Improper assembly causes the cylinder sleeve shoulder to break and blow up. Replace the cylinder liner as required.

3. The cylinder head nut is not tightened according to the specified torque. If the torque is too small and the cylinder head is not compressed, high-pressure gas will flee into the water channel. Tighten the cylinder head nut to the specified torque and retighten it regularly.

4. The cylinder gasket is damaged or burnt due to long service time, and its sealing performance is poor, resulting in air leakage. To replace a new cylinder gasket.

5. The height of the cylinder sleeve shoulder is not enough or the depth of the upper shoulder hole of the engine body is too large, which causes the cylinder sleeve to protrude out of the plane of the engine body after being installed in the engine body. If the cylinder sleeve is not high enough or even sinks, gas will flow into the water channel from the shoulder. Therefore, before assembly, the test should be carried out to check the bulge and ensure it is within the allowable range.

  Bubble in the water tank is a symptom of the internal problems of the diesel generator set, which cannot be ignored. In fact, many common faults of the diesel generator set are precursors. We can find them in time by paying close attention to the operation of the equipment. We hope the above reminder can help us.

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